Tobias Praetorius is an anomaly, a young dancer – he’s only 24 – who is already interested in playing character roles. Two years ago, when a group of dancers from his troupe, the Royal Danish Ballet, came to New York, he performed the first variation of the tarantella in Bournonville’s Napoli. He polished it off with a naturalness that revealed his complete fluency in the language of August Bournonville. On the same program, he performed the role of Madge, the sorceress in La Sylphide. His Madge was animalistic, scary, like a creature from the Lord of the Rings. Praetorius can be charming, he can be raw. At the Royal Danish Ballet, he is often cast in contemporary works, where he can use his that range to full advantage. Liam Scarlett recently put him in the role of the obsessive Hermann (who goes mad in the end) in his balletic reinterpretation of the Pushkin story Queen of Spades. Eva Kistrup wrote, of his performance: “He took the role of Hermann into places and depths no-one would have expected.”