Sorah Yang is a choreographer, entrepreneur, and creative director who was born and raised in California. She stayed in the area while earning her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California. During her time as a dancer, she has traveled to 27 countries around the world and more than 30 different colleges in the United States to perform and teach. At these colleges, she provided choreography and movement coaching for music artists, created and directed a dance company (Vessel Dance Company), and gave a TED Talk where she discussed her progression in her career path. Through sharing her work online, she has developed an online presence which has led to partnerships and work opportunities with powerhouse brands, including Adobe and Hyundai.

  • Founder and director of Vessel Dance Company
  • Partnerships with Adobe and Hyundai
  • TED Talk appearance
  • World Travel related to dance and choreography
  • Performances and choreography at more than 30 colleges in the US
  • Operator of her own clothing brand, ShopSorah