Road trips with Bae are the best-worst idea ever. Get IN the car with this couple as they capture their journey in captivity, Selfie Style! Been on a road trip with Bae? Tell us all about it in the comments below! Directed & Edited by David Moore. Nothing puts a relationship to the test like locking yourself in a car with your significant other for hours on end. Raising the stakes further? Recording the whole thing - Selfie Style! Be the fly on the wall, the bug on the windshield, the french fry in the cupholder for this road trip of love starring David Moore and Sophia Aguiar! Director/Editor: David Moore Music: R.City feat. Chloe Angelides - “Make Up” Dancers: David Moore, Sophia Aguiar
Dance is a universal language. In celebration of National Dance Day, we’ve brought together diverse dance styles and dancers to celebrate life, love, and the joy of summer. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Supervising Choreographer - Ivan “Flipz” Velez - @IvanFlipzVelez Afrobeat Dancer/Choreographer - Kara Janelle Wade - @KaraJenelle Dancer - Anisha Gibbs - @neeshnation Dancer - Kendra Oyesanya - @mizzko1 Dancer - Poppin John - @poppinjohnsbk Dancer - Madd Chadd - @maddchadd Dancer - Jaja Vankova - @jajavankova Dancer - James “Bdash” Derrick - @bdash_2 Dancer - Alex “Shorty” Welch - @bgirlshorty Dancer - Shelby “Nova” Stehlin - @shelbystehlin Dancer - Laura Quinn - @laurajquinn Dancer - Jake Waiblinger - @jakewaib Tap Choreographer/Dancer - Chloe Arnold - @syncladies Dancer - Orialis Ashley - @missoreo Dancer - Melissa Tannus - @melissatannus Hoverboard Choreographer - David Moore - @davidmooretv Dancer - Evan Moody - @evan_whysomoody Dancer - Damien Lavergne - @youngdames Dancer - Alex DiTommaso - @alexditommaso Music - Sak Noel - @saknoel Music - Salvi - @salvi_music Music - Sean Paul - @duttypaul

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