Take a peek into this virtual first date-- will there be another? Choreography & Danced by: Dana Alexa & Vinny Balbo Made in quarantine.
Choreography: JoJo Gomez + Kaycee Rice Danced by: JoJo Gomez + Kaycee Rice Directed by: Donovan Okimura Produced by: DanceOn
Billy Raffoul and Renee Kester collaborate to take control in this emotionally powerful episode of Artist Request set to Billy Raffoul's hit, "Driver", created by director/editor David Javier. Director - David Javier - @directordavidj Choreographer/Dancer - Renee Kester - @reneekester11 Featuring - Billy Raffoul - @billyraffoul
With MAX's "Basement Party" as their inspiration, Yak Films teams with Nakamura Tomoki, Toui Takei, Cotona Nishiyama, and Soraki Nishiyama to turn a city into their personal dance floor! Music: Basement Party by MAX Directed and Edited By: Yak Films Dancers: Nakamura Tomoki, Toui Takei, Cotona Nishiyama, and Soraki Nishiyama Music Partnerships: Erica Forster & Jason Cienkus
Supreme Republic Entertainment and DanceOn join forces with Houston rapper Stoppa for #Whatsthewordchallenge Director - David Javier - @directordavidj Choreographer/Dancer - Oth'than Burnside - @otheezycreatedit Dancers Deja Carter - @DejaCarter Tessa Brooks - @tessabrooks Joya Jackson - @joya_jackson Chache Melvin - @cachemelvin Chris Gayle - @thechrisgayle
Road trips with Bae are the best-worst idea ever. Get IN the car with this couple as they capture their journey in captivity, Selfie Style! Been on a road trip with Bae? Tell us all about it in the comments below! Directed & Edited by David Moore. Nothing puts a relationship to the test like locking yourself in a car with your significant other for hours on end. Raising the stakes further? Recording the whole thing - Selfie Style! Be the fly on the wall, the bug on the windshield, the french fry in the cupholder for this road trip of love starring David Moore and Sophia Aguiar! Director/Editor: David Moore Music: R.City feat. Chloe Angelides - “Make Up” Dancers: David Moore, Sophia Aguiar
Grant Knoche drops his new single “Downpour” featuring choreography from David Moore. The video was created by David Javier. Director - David Javier - @directordavidj Choreographer - David Moore - @davidmooretv Dancers: Grant Knoche - @grantknoche, Jordan Malixi - @j_swifft, Skyler Sharp - @skylersharpint, Dylan Shepherd - @dylan_shepherd_, Jaden Rivera - @jaden_rivera_
Artist Request is back to bring you that “Freal Luv”. Choreographer Tyce Diorio and Far East Movement bring one for the crate diggers out there. For the experienced crate digger, if you know where to look, you can find anything at the local record store. Even that “Freal Luv”. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Choreographer - Tyce Diorio - @tycediorio Dancer - Mark Villaver - @MarkVillaver Dancer - Kerrynton Jones - @kerryntonjones Music - Far East Movement- @fareastmovement
Our newest “Artist Request” feature comes from music collective, The Jones Project. Their mission is to use music as a platform for individual empowerment through vivid imagery and powerful storytelling. Whatever reasons you choose to stand up, the Jones Project is there to fuel you. Produced by: DanceOn Director/Editor: Jo Roy Dancers: KK Harris, Jordan Clark, Laura Quinn, Stevie Dore, Marie Poppins, Ladie One, Gisele Silva DP: Dustin Supencheck Music: Whatever Reasons You Choose by The Jones Project Songwriters: Chip Rosenbloom and John Torres Song Producer: Kevin Dukes
Tricia Miranda teams up with DanceOn to bring you our latest ARTIST REQUEST set to the DJ Snake ft. Lauv hit, "A Different Way"! Produced by: DanceOn Music: A Different Way by DJ Snake ft. Lauv Choreographer: Tricia Miranda Dancers: Taylor Thomas, Devyek Bull
We’ve teamed up with the amazingly talented choreographer/creative director Blake McGrath for an all-new Artist Request! Watch Taylor Sieve interpret Blake's choreography to Rozzi's powerful “Uphill Battle.” Directed, Filmed & Edited By: Ryan Parma Dancer: Taylor Sieve Choreography and Creative Direction: Blake McGrath Music: “Uphill Battle” by Rozzi
Director Jessica Sanders teams up with Ethan Peck & Aqualillies to bring you this Artist Request set to the Bebe Rexha smash hit, “I Got You”. Director Statement: I’ve always wanted to work with synchronized swimmers and make a dance film. I recently had the opportunity to work with the Aqualillies (www.aqualillies.com), the glamorous synchronized swimmers I had seen them in the film Hail, Caesar!). Working with Aqualillies choreographer May Jeanette, and friend/collaborator Katie Malia, who choreographed actor Ethan Peck’s moves (he is actor Gregory Peck’s grandson), we created a story exploring the many emotional stages of love. Filming at a midcentury Buff & Hensman house, with an all female creative production team (DP: Ava Berkofsky), the film was made as a quick creative exploration, all dances created/designed on the day of the shoot. Choreographer Statement: Katie Malia "My intention was to mirror and transfer the clean, symmetrical lines of synchronized swimming on land, keeping it simple to complement the stunning architecture of the home, which I felt was a character on its own. The dance (which was a collaboration with the Aqualillies choreographer Mary Jeanette Ramsey) then unravels from contained simplicity to repetitive chaotic movements as Ethan’s inner turmoil crescendos, escalating into a fight where we reveal him battling his greatest foe yet: his own self." Director - Jessica Sanders - @jessicafilm Choreographer/Dancers - Aqualillies - @Aqualillies Choreographer - Katie Malia - @kathrynmalia Dancer - Ethan Peck- @ethangpeck Music -Bebe Rexha- @BebeRexha
Get up by getting low with Zedd & Liam Payne, featuring choreography from Nick DeMoura and direction by Ryan Parma. Directed, Filmed, Edited By: Ryan Parma Music: Get Low by Zedd and Liam Payne Choreographer: Nick DeMoura Dancers: Elysandra Quiñones, Hugh Aparente, Markwell Ysaguirre, Emma Hauser, Julian Chinchilla, Erica Klein, and Kat Howland Shot at: The Iliad Bookshop, 5400 Cahuenga Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91601 https://www.iliadbooks.com/ VP of Production: Cara Goldberg Director of Content and Platform Strategy: Roxanne Teti Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus
Shaheem Sanchez lost his hearing at the age of four. He taught himself to dance by feeling the vibrations of the music.Vibrations from noise in the outside world confuse his perception of the music. This is his process. “Move your feet and feel it in the space between... Lose it.” - Oh Wonder Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Dancer - Shaheem Sanchez - @deafdancershaheem Choreographer - Lando Wilkins - @landowilkins Music - Oh Wonder - @ohwondermusic
Produced by: DanceOn Director/Cinematographer/Editor: José Omar Song: "Your Eyes" by John Torres Produced by: Joe Chiccarelli Choreographer/Dancer: Mollee Gray Dancer: Hugh Aparente Featuring: John Torres
Wanna join the fit girls club? Don’t get tired yet...just break a sweat! When you are feeling the holiday bump, these fit girls are GOALS to get you over the tired hump. The ultimate treadmill dancer, Carson Dean is here to inspire...bringing you dance routines to Becky G’s Break a Sweat from the flyest gym gals. You’ll feel the burn on every turn. Master moves with the yoga mat, jump rope, medicine ball, treadmill, curling iron and more...these girls are everything you need right now. So join the fit girls club: Brinn, Marissa, Amanda, Katelyn and Chelsea, and keep on doing it! #DanceAndSweat Director/Editor - Carson Dean - @IamCarsonDean Choreographer - NiCo O’Connor - @Nico_Oconnor Choreographer/Dancer - Brinn Nicole - @BrinnNicole Cinematographer - Tim Milgram - @TimMilgram Dancer - Marissa Heart -@Marissaheartt Dancer - Amanda Welch - @Welch_Amanda05 Dancer - Katelyn Cushing - @Kcush3 Dancer - Chelsea Corp - @Chelccorp Music - Becky G - @IamBeckyG
Directed & Edited by YAK FILMS Money Got Me Like…features the dancers from Japan’s Project TARO, showing off their best take on AV Compton’s “Money Dance.” What better way to show your feelings when that extra cash comes in? Join the #MoneyDanceChallenge and let the world see. "Money Got Me Like" features the dancers from the Japanese collective Jr.EXILE, who also choreographed the dance routine. Jr.EXILE arrived in New York City in April 2014, dreaming of becoming the next dance superstars. They are currently enrolled in Project TARO, an artist development program in New York City dedicated to supporting and educating future world-class entertainers. A YAK FILMS Production Dancers: Jr. EXILE Ayumu Imazu Kenya Fujita Masafumi Okamoto Yuto Yoshida Taiki Iwamoto Miku Fukukahori Masahiro Sunada Rikiya Okuda Shoji Katsumata Shin Tokuzawa Music Partnerships: Erica Forster
Director Gerrad Wilson and Choreographer Tessandra Chavez combine contemporary dance, moving visuals, and Andra Day’s anthem, “Rise Up” to create a singular and moving work of art. In times of turmoil, we look to art to help express our deepest seeded emotions amidst uncertainty. In this two part special edition of Artist Request, our artists combine the righteous indignation of Royce Mann’s moving spoken word poem, “All Lives Matter, But…” and Andra Day’s empowering anthem “Rise Up” with the language of dance to share the greater message that we must all “rise up together” rather than stand apart. It is a message of unity. A message of shared strength. A statement that #BlackLivesMatter and that the struggle does not belong to one group alone, but the burden rests on all our shoulders. Music: “Rise Up” by Andra Day CREATIVE TEAM ​ Created by: Gerrad Wilson and Tessandra Chavez Directed by: Gerrad Wilson Executive Producer: Carly Casey Choreography: Tessandra Chavez​ Director of Photography: Andrew Fairbank Production Designer: Brandon Arii Wardrobe Stylist: Ambrose Respicio CAST Arch Angel: DuJuan Smart Jr. Mother: Ava Bernstine-Mitchell Son: Richard "Lil Swagg" Curtis Angry Man: Robert Green Angel: Kaelynn "KK" Harris Angel: Anthony Westlake Angel: Marie S​pieldenner ​Angel: Kevin Frey Angel: Elisa Soto Angel: Zachary Venegas​ CREW: Sound Designer/1st Assistant Camera: Eric Davis 2nd Assistant Camera: Sean Berger Set Photographers: Jon Sams & Ashley Jackson Gaffer: Jacob Abrams Key Grip: Carlton Hudson Best Boy Electric/Driver: Charles Cartwright Best Boy Grip: Jedi Gomez Production Manager: Shaena Nalani Production Assistant: Rene Trevino Production Assistant: Gia Maulbeck Production Assistant: Ashley Jackson
Ask and you shall receive! Brian Friedman and his dance crew are back by popular demand in our latest Artist Request, this time getting a little Respect, the Aretha Franklin way! Produced by: DanceOn Director, Cinematographer, Editor: David Javier Choreography: Brian Friedman Music: Respect by Aretha Franklin Dancers: Bailey Sok, Kenneth San Jose, Tinity Inay, Amari Smith, Lexee Smith, Charlize Glass, Ryan Maw Stylist: Lillian Fu
We’ve teamed up with Emmy-Award-winning dance choreographer Tyce Diorio and famed cinematographer/co-director Stewart Yost for an all-new Artist Request! With music from James TW, the dance community comes together to paint a visual on how we “Say Love.” Produced by: DanceOn Creative Director/Choreography: Tyce Diorio Cinematography/Co-Director: Stew Yost Music: "Say Love" by James TW Dancers: Willdabeast Janelle Ginestra Sean Lew Kaycee Rice Matthew Kazmierczac Daniel Barnardo Taylor Sieve Lex Ishimoto Mariano Gonzalez Easton Payne Evan Guinet Shelby Patterson Sloan-Taylor Rabinor Aahkilah Cornelius Zniquez
Using a neon playground as his canvas, Ian Eastwood paints the dance floor with his signature style with MIA’s “Go Off” as his inspiration. Music: Go Off by MIA Directed, Produced, Choreographed & Edited By: Ian Eastwood Director of Photography: Gerald Nonato Dancers: Ian Eastwood, Trevor Takemoto, Connor Gormley, Chase Lihilihi, Anthony Westlake, Hugh Aparente, Cole Nordbrock Executive Producer: Carly Casey Music Partnerships: Erica Forster & Jason Cienkus
This couple’s haunting postmortem blurs the lines between the living and the dead, and relationships everywhere in between. Sinister intentions or innocent entanglement? You decide. Phillip Chbeeb aka “Pacman” and I.aM.mE crew’s Liza Riabinina dance rendition gives us some Halloween chills. "Pham - Movements. ft. Yung Fusion, Postmortem" is an episode of DanceOn’s ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was produced, directed and edited by T. Milly Productions. Director/Editor/Producer: Tim Milgram Concept by: Tim Milgram & Phillip Chbeeb Cinematography by: Tim Milgram & Anthony Kimata Choreography by: Phillip Chbeeb Assistant Choreographer: Liza Riabinina Performed by: Phillip Chbeeb & Liza Riabinina Producer: Nelson Diaz Producer: Jacob Patrick Producer: Carly Casey (DanceOn) Gaffer: Marc Villafan Best Boy: Joel Bezemer PA: EJ Smith Music Partnerships: Erica Forster Special thanks to Payton Manley & Naomi Duben
You’re out with your friends. Your ex-walks in. Your heart skips a beat and then stops. You see her new man. In that moment every mistake, everything left unsaid, every moment of love washes over you. You want to front, but your heart is still broken. You still love her. And that’s the hardest pill to swallow. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Dancer/Choreographer - Vinh Nguyen - @v1nh Dancer - Trevor Takemoto - @trevortakemoto Dancer - Chase Lihilihi - @chaselihilihi Dancer - Carlo Darang - @carlodarang Dancer - Jawn Ha - @jawnha Actress - Gabri Velasquez - @gabriveee Actor - Jed Florano - @jedflorano Music - Lil Dicky - @lildickytweets
DanceOn presents the official dance video to Rhye’s new hit single, “Taste”, featuring choreography by Noelle Marsh. Produced By: DanceOn Music: Taste by Rhye Choreography by: Noelle Marsh Dancers: Noelle Marsh, Madelyne Spang, & Mason Cutler
Produced by: DanceOn Director/Cinematographer/Editor: José Omar DP: Jeff Reyes Music: One More Shot by Alex Bloom Choreographer/Dancer: Jordan Clark Dancer: Justin Lopes Featuring: Alex Bloom Artwork by: Roberto Zae
Sugar hunger is real. It’s closing time at the neighborhood cupcake shop and three sugar-deprived teen workers all want the last cupcake before the end of their shift. A dance battle ensues to uncover the ultimate cupcake queen. Who will win the right to the final cupcake? Let us know who YOU think won the cupcake war in the comments below! It’s full out war with Kaelynn “KK” Harris, Jade Chynoweth, and Sienna Lalau! "Dessert - Dawin ft. Silento | The Cupcake War" is the third episode of DanceOn’s ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was directed and edited by DanceOn's lead director David Javier. Choreographer - Willdabeast Adams - @WilldaBeast__ Choreographer - Janelle Ginestra - @GinestraJanelle Dancer - Kaelynn "KK" Harris - @kaelynnharris Dancer - Jade Chynoweth - @JadeChynoweth Dancer - Sienna Lalau- @sienna.lalau Music - Dawin - @OfficialDawin Music - Silento - @TheRealSilento
KK and Kyndall. Twins in style and fierceness. A dynamic duo that haven’t joined forces...until now. Their hard-hitting styles are eye-catching and jaw dropping. Like fast cars, these young ladies have power and style. Their goal? To instantly empower. Welcome to the revolution. Music: Fat Joe, Remy Ma ft. French Montana - “All The Way Up” Directed and Edited by: David Javier Choreography: Oth’Than Burnside Dancer: Kaelynn “KK” Harris Dancer: Kyndall Harris Producer: Beba Rodriguez VP, Programming: Carly Casey Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus
I choose you. I choose love. A love story is unique to each...a collection of moments shared between two people, which together build a life. Love is the ups and downs and the perfect imperfections, from the butterfly moments, simple gestures, everyday happiness and unforgettable occasions, to the challenges, breakthroughs and ultimately...commitment, family, and creation of home. What is love to you? What is your love story? Acclaimed husband and wife duo, Keone and Mari Madrid’s take on Timeflies “Stuck With Me” tugs at the heartstrings, giving you a glimpse into many of the moments that define a developing Love Story. DanceOn's "Timeflies - Stuck With Me | Love is..." is an episode of ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was directed and edited by David Javier. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Choreographer/Dancer - Keone Madrid - @marrrrriel Choreographer/Dancer - Mari Madrid - @keonemadrid Music - Timeflies - @timeflies
Imagine you’re in the backyard of a sleepy suburban house. It’s late and quite frankly you’re bored. What would you do? Well, if you are Les Twins then you’d turn the patio into the coolest place on the block. Some people try to keep up with the Joneses, we’re trying to keep up with The Brothers Bourgeois. Director/Editor - Yak Films - @yakfilms Dancers - Les Twins - @officiallestwins Music -THEY. - @unofficialthey
Director Scott Rettberg teams up with Phillip Chbeeb and Anjula Kelly to bring you this Artist Request set to the Marshmello remix of Noah Cyrus’s “Make me (Cry)" featuring Labrinth. Director - Scott Rettberg - @scottale Choreographer/Dancer - Phillip Chbeeb - @phillipchbeeb Dancer - Anjula Kelly - @AnjulaKelly Music - Noah Cyrus - @noahcyrus
Choreography: Noelle Marsh Danced by: Noelle Marsh + Jade Chynoweth Directed by: David Javier Location: Mihran K Studios Produced by: DanceOn
Immersed in the abstract world of high fashion, dancers Lil Buck and Jessica Keller fuse two very different styles of dance into one stunning display of artistic virtuosity. Lil Buck blurs the line between ballet and hip-hop with his athletic take on Memphis Jooking. While Jessica Keller personifies the perfection of the ballet art form. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Dancer - Lil Buck - @lilbuckdalegend Dancer - Jessica Keller - @jkell30 Music - Belly - @reBELLYus Costume Design - Marco Marco - @marcosquared Costume Design: Ashton Michael - @ashtonmichael
Dabb City Kids….Industry favorite Oth’than Burnside slays choreography to iLoveMemphis’ latest breakout single, “Lean and Dabb.” Boy Squad vs. the Girls of Unbreakable battle it out in the shadow of LA’s iconic Sixth Street Bridge. Squad Goals: * Taylor Hatala’s performance to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” launched her into the public’s eye with more than 14 million views on YouTube * Kyndall Harris appeared on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” * Josh Price danced with Mariah Carey at her ​Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting concert * Sean Lew is one of the most recent winners of Food Network's "Chopped Junior" * Gabe de Guzman performed during Super Bowl XLIX with Missy Elliot and Katy Perry Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Choreographer - Oth’than Burnside - @otheezycreatedit Dancer - Taylor Hatala - @tayd_dance Dancer - Kyndall Harris - @kyndallharris Dancer - Josh Price - @officialjoshprice Dancer - Sean Lew - @seanlew1125 Dancer - Gabe De Guzman - @hiphoptdc Music - iHeartMemphis - @iheartmemphis  
"There's Nothing Like Us." There’s a moment when two people decide to be an “us.” For many couples there’s also a moment when those same two people decide the “us” no longer works. In the aftermath, you analyze every thought, feeling, and thing ever said that might explain why something so special came to an end. Two lives that were once intertwined become separate again. It's one of life's most confusing truths: the person that once was your everything can fade into a distant memory. This video is about that feeling of hopelessness and defeat that a broken heart leaves you with before you can truly begin to move on. Cinematographer - Manny Figs - @Mannyfigs01 Dancer - Lee Gumbs - @leegumbsphotography Dancer - Laura Quinn - @laurajquinn Music - Justin Bieber - @justinbieber  
We’ve teamed up with the amazingly talented choreographers/dancers Jan Ravnik & Lonni Olson for an all-new Artist Request! Watch them interpret Dean Lewis powerful song "Be Alright" -WHO DID THIS?- Directed, Filmed & Edited By: David Javier Choreography: Jan Ravnick & Lonni Olson Music: “Be Alright” by Dean Lewis Produced by: DanceOn
Dance is a universal language. In celebration of National Dance Day, we’ve brought together diverse dance styles and dancers to celebrate life, love, and the joy of summer. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Supervising Choreographer - Ivan “Flipz” Velez - @IvanFlipzVelez Afrobeat Dancer/Choreographer - Kara Janelle Wade - @KaraJenelle Dancer - Anisha Gibbs - @neeshnation Dancer - Kendra Oyesanya - @mizzko1 Dancer - Poppin John - @poppinjohnsbk Dancer - Madd Chadd - @maddchadd Dancer - Jaja Vankova - @jajavankova Dancer - James “Bdash” Derrick - @bdash_2 Dancer - Alex “Shorty” Welch - @bgirlshorty Dancer - Shelby “Nova” Stehlin - @shelbystehlin Dancer - Laura Quinn - @laurajquinn Dancer - Jake Waiblinger - @jakewaib Tap Choreographer/Dancer - Chloe Arnold - @syncladies Dancer - Orialis Ashley - @missoreo Dancer - Melissa Tannus - @melissatannus Hoverboard Choreographer - David Moore - @davidmooretv Dancer - Evan Moody - @evan_whysomoody Dancer - Damien Lavergne - @youngdames Dancer - Alex DiTommaso - @alexditommaso Music - Sak Noel - @saknoel Music - Salvi - @salvi_music Music - Sean Paul - @duttypaul
Choreographer Jan Ravnik & Lonni Olson give us a beautiful contemporary routine that explores love and loss to the transcendent sounds of Lewis Capaldi's latest single, Someone You Loved. Directed, Edited & Filmed By: David Javier Co-Edited By: Lea McNamara (https://www.instagram.com/lolitslea/) Choreography: Jan Ravnik Dancers: Jan Ravnik and Lonni Olson Music: “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi Gaffer: Ionelle Dianconsescu Produced by: DanceOn
Choreographer Noelle Marsh and director David Javier bring Marsh’s choreography to Julia Michaels’ song “Issues”. Director - David Javier (@directordavidj) Choreographer - Noelle Marsh - (@noellemarsh) Dancers - Sarah Blazic (@batman_b_b), Jasmine Mason (@jasminemason_) Music - “Issues” by Julia Michaels
Squad Goals. Five of the best under-15 dancers in the game join forces in one swag combo. What’s their next move? Squad Goals: * Big Will: Featured in the Flying Lotus/Kendrick Lamar VMA- winning "Never Catch Me" * Josh: Met President Obama while performing at the White House with Mariah Carey * Gabe: Performed in the halftime show for Superbowl XLIX with Missy Elliot and Katy Perry * Kenneth: Performed with Natalie LaRose at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards * Sean: Performed with Janet Jackson on stage during her Unbreakable tour Director - Tim Milgram - @timmilgram Choreographer - Alexander Chung - @alexanderNXG Dancer - Sean Lew - @seanlew1125 Dancer - Kenneth San Jose -@kensanjose Dancer - Josh Price - @officialjoshprice Dancer - Gabe de Guzman - @hiphoptdc Dancer - Big Will Simmons - @bigwillsimmons Music - Jovanie - @jovanie
X Ambassador's emotional track 'UNSTEADY’ perfectly underscores a couple at their breaking point. “UNSTEADY” speaks to everyone who's contemplated walking away from a love that may or may not be worth fighting for. Pre production for this video took place prior to the horrific events in Orlando on June 12, 2016. Love brings joy and love brings pain. To love is to be brave, for to lose love is the greatest loss a human will ever know. To those lost in Orlando and to the loved ones who were left behind, we stand with you in strength and most importantly, in LOVE. Director/Editor - David Javier @davidgjavier Choreographer - Tyce Diorio - @tycediorio Dancer - Kent Boyd - @Kent_Boyd Dancer - Will Johnston - @willearnston Music - X Ambassadors - @XAmbassadors Directed and Edited by: David Javier Executive Producer: Carly Casey Choreographer: Tyce Diorio Asst. Choreographer: Melanie Benz Dancers: Kent Boyd & Will Johnston VP, Production: Shannon Owen Producer: Beba Rodriguez DP: Dave Ortkiese Gaffer: Matt Hindman Key Grip: Brody Culbertson Cam PA: Cheffy Thomas Production Manager: Shaena Nalani PA: Ashley Gelo Music: Unsteady by X Ambassadors Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Daryl Berg
A Breakup Story.... So You Think You Can Dance finale choreographer Talia Favia's take on breakout singer/songwriter James Bay's "Let it Go", performed by Madonna principal lead dancer Chaz Buzan and Courtney Schwartz is a chill-inducing mix of heartfelt emotion. DanceOn's "James Bay - Let It Go | A Breakup Story" is the premiere episode of ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was produced, directed and edited by T.Milly Productions. Choreographer - Talia Favia - @Talia_Favia Dancer - Chaz Buzan - @chazbuzan Dancer - Courtney Schwartz - @crschwartz Music - James Bay

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