Directed & Edited by YAK FILMS Money Got Me Like…features the dancers from Japan’s Project TARO, showing off their best take on AV Compton’s “Money Dance.” What better way to show your feelings when that extra cash comes in? Join the #MoneyDanceChallenge and let the world see. "Money Got Me Like" features the dancers from the Japanese collective Jr.EXILE, who also choreographed the dance routine. Jr.EXILE arrived in New York City in April 2014, dreaming of becoming the next dance superstars. They are currently enrolled in Project TARO, an artist development program in New York City dedicated to supporting and educating future world-class entertainers. A YAK FILMS Production Dancers: Jr. EXILE Ayumu Imazu Kenya Fujita Masafumi Okamoto Yuto Yoshida Taiki Iwamoto Miku Fukukahori Masahiro Sunada Rikiya Okuda Shoji Katsumata Shin Tokuzawa Music Partnerships: Erica Forster

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