Director Jessica Sanders teams up with Ethan Peck & Aqualillies to bring you this Artist Request set to the Bebe Rexha smash hit, “I Got You”. Director Statement: I’ve always wanted to work with synchronized swimmers and make a dance film. I recently had the opportunity to work with the Aqualillies (, the glamorous synchronized swimmers I had seen them in the film Hail, Caesar!). Working with Aqualillies choreographer May Jeanette, and friend/collaborator Katie Malia, who choreographed actor Ethan Peck’s moves (he is actor Gregory Peck’s grandson), we created a story exploring the many emotional stages of love. Filming at a midcentury Buff & Hensman house, with an all female creative production team (DP: Ava Berkofsky), the film was made as a quick creative exploration, all dances created/designed on the day of the shoot. Choreographer Statement: Katie Malia "My intention was to mirror and transfer the clean, symmetrical lines of synchronized swimming on land, keeping it simple to complement the stunning architecture of the home, which I felt was a character on its own. The dance (which was a collaboration with the Aqualillies choreographer Mary Jeanette Ramsey) then unravels from contained simplicity to repetitive chaotic movements as Ethan’s inner turmoil crescendos, escalating into a fight where we reveal him battling his greatest foe yet: his own self." Director - Jessica Sanders - @jessicafilm Choreographer/Dancers - Aqualillies - @Aqualillies Choreographer - Katie Malia - @kathrynmalia Dancer - Ethan Peck- @ethangpeck Music -Bebe Rexha- @BebeRexha

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