Wanna join the fit girls club? Don’t get tired yet...just break a sweat! When you are feeling the holiday bump, these fit girls are GOALS to get you over the tired hump. The ultimate treadmill dancer, Carson Dean is here to inspire...bringing you dance routines to Becky G’s Break a Sweat from the flyest gym gals. You’ll feel the burn on every turn. Master moves with the yoga mat, jump rope, medicine ball, treadmill, curling iron and more...these girls are everything you need right now. So join the fit girls club: Brinn, Marissa, Amanda, Katelyn and Chelsea, and keep on doing it! #DanceAndSweat Director/Editor - Carson Dean - @IamCarsonDean Choreographer - NiCo O’Connor - @Nico_Oconnor Choreographer/Dancer - Brinn Nicole - @BrinnNicole Cinematographer - Tim Milgram - @TimMilgram Dancer - Marissa Heart -@Marissaheartt Dancer - Amanda Welch - @Welch_Amanda05 Dancer - Katelyn Cushing - @Kcush3 Dancer - Chelsea Corp - @Chelccorp Music - Becky G - @IamBeckyG

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