It's officially here! The dance video Kristin McQuaid ( choreographed to Grace Vanderwaal's "Light the Sky". This video is danced by many "So You Think You Can Dance" alumni and many others! Directed and filmed by Ryan Parma with drone work by Scott Meyers. VP of Production: Cara Goldberg VP of Content & Platform Strategy: Roxanne Teti Music by: “Light The Sky” by Grace Vanderwaal Choreographed and Produced by: Kristin McQuaid Directed and Filmed by: Ryan Parma Drone videography by: Scott Myers Dancers: Kayla Radomski, Hailee Payne, Will Thomas, Valerie Rockey, Moises Parra, Alexia Meyers, Kelly McQuaid, Mitchel Federan, Lauren Sigler, Ruby Pappan, Jacque LeWarne, Aaron Czuprenski, Teddy Coffey, Ari Libertore, Alex Kessinger Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus
X Ambassador's emotional track 'UNSTEADY’ perfectly underscores a couple at their breaking point. “UNSTEADY” speaks to everyone who's contemplated walking away from a love that may or may not be worth fighting for. Pre production for this video took place prior to the horrific events in Orlando on June 12, 2016. Love brings joy and love brings pain. To love is to be brave, for to lose love is the greatest loss a human will ever know. To those lost in Orlando and to the loved ones who were left behind, we stand with you in strength and most importantly, in LOVE. Director/Editor - David Javier @davidgjavier Choreographer - Tyce Diorio - @tycediorio Dancer - Kent Boyd - @Kent_Boyd Dancer - Will Johnston - @willearnston Music - X Ambassadors - @XAmbassadors Directed and Edited by: David Javier Executive Producer: Carly Casey Choreographer: Tyce Diorio Asst. Choreographer: Melanie Benz Dancers: Kent Boyd & Will Johnston VP, Production: Shannon Owen Producer: Beba Rodriguez DP: Dave Ortkiese Gaffer: Matt Hindman Key Grip: Brody Culbertson Cam PA: Cheffy Thomas Production Manager: Shaena Nalani PA: Ashley Gelo Music: Unsteady by X Ambassadors Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Daryl Berg
Christina Perri - "Human" - Created & Choreographed by Brian Friedman Directed by Tim Milgram & Brian Friedman Featuring: Patrick Cook, Judson Emery, Talia Favia, Brian Friedman, Darrion Gallegos, Kaelynn Harris, Abby Lett, Justine Lutz, Melanie Mah, Noelle Marsh, Pauline Mata, Aimee Otte, Kayla Radomski, Ben Susak, Zack Venegas, Jordan Ward Filmed & Edited by Tim Milgram Assistant Director: Tony Bellissimo Production Assistants: Chris Ho Nguyen & Simi McManus Editing Assistant: Brynn Samms Music Editing: Jack Rayner for Music Editing Online
Incomplete by James Bay Choreography by Jaci Royal Danced by Audrey Case
Director: Marie Bouhiron Choreographer and Dancer: Loriane Cateloy-Rose Music: Fade by Lewis Capaldi
Glass Animals - Hazey (Official Video) Featuring the Solidarity Kings: Carl Hewitt, Kaner, Haroon Al Abdall and Malik Bright.
Lyrical contemporary dance to Never Enough from The Greatest Showman by Loren Allred. Studio is Expressenz Dance Center NZ Dance Company Choreographed by Karla Curatolo Lighting by Main Event Sound & Lighting Costume by Terry Crawford
Memory Choreographed by Karla Curatolo Filmed by: Mays Entertainment Music by: Jennifer Hudson mixed by Travis Lake Dancers NZ Dance Company ABOUT EXPRESSENZ: Expressenz is a dance studio located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been seen on World of Dance Season 2 and Americas Got Talent Season 14. Also known as the NZ Dance Company, we consist of over 100 dancers who train, laugh, and grow together.

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