Directed by: Lewis James and Eddie Mandell Creative Direction by: Eddie Mandell Stage Design: Lewis James Director of Photography: Evan Ciniello Executive Producer: Christian Tyler Producer: Alex Dall'Orso Production Manager: Cam Frengopoulos Production Co.: Colossale Choreographer: Michelle Dawley Stylist: Mecca Cox HMU Artist: Anna Nenoiu Dancers: Autum Thom, Aysia Ianerio, Jade Whitney and Selena Luchesse Editor: Ashton Lewis Colorist: Clinton Homuth Label Commissioner: Sabrina Rivera Show Director: Liz Clare Show Producer: Debbie Phillips
The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show. Dave Meyers executive produced the show, while Roc nation produced and creatively directed. Additionally, Hamish Hamilton reprised his role by directing the performance.

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