Akira Uchida brings his vision and choreography to the bedroom of dancer Lindsay Leuschner in our latest dance story, featuring “Maybe” by Alina Baraz and Galimatias. #DanceStories We currently live in a time where we are encouraged to continuously share and put forward the best version of ourselves. However, beyond the glamour and beauty, there is an uglier face that finds its way in us all. One where our insecurities and vulnerabilities live. As we are constantly interacting with the “best version” of each other, we often forget that this “uglier side” is part of what makes us human. Unpleasant feelings such as those resulting from rejection and longing for that which we cannot have are universal experiences. This piece peers into this uncomfortable side that we are so quick to hide. It also reminds us that we will never be able to appreciate what we have, so long as we are focused on what’s lacking. Directed/Choreographed: Akira Uchida Shot/Edited: Max Kopanygin​ (@maximkop) Dancer: Lindsay Leuschner (@lindsayleusch) Hair/Makeup: Marisa Roy​ (@marisaroy) Styling: Leah Lavergne​ (@leahlavergne) Underwear: Mary Young (@itsmaryyoung) Music: Alina Baraz​ & Galimatias​ Executive Producer: Beba Rodriguez Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus

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