Official Music Video for Asia Monet Ray's "Hey Girl"
Directed by: Lewis James and Eddie Mandell Creative Direction by: Eddie Mandell Stage Design: Lewis James Director of Photography: Evan Ciniello Executive Producer: Christian Tyler Producer: Alex Dall'Orso Production Manager: Cam Frengopoulos Production Co.: Colossale Choreographer: Michelle Dawley Stylist: Mecca Cox HMU Artist: Anna Nenoiu Dancers: Autum Thom, Aysia Ianerio, Jade Whitney and Selena Luchesse Editor: Ashton Lewis Colorist: Clinton Homuth Label Commissioner: Sabrina Rivera Show Director: Liz Clare Show Producer: Debbie Phillips
Official Music Video for "Thinking Out Loud" featuring Ed Sheeran and Brittany Cherry Directed by Emil Nava
Producer & Engineer: EDY Songwriters: EDY & JARNA Choreographers/Creative Directors: Riley Bourne & Hana Morris Video Directed & Produced by: ORISE.

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