Serdar Bogatekin and LUNATIX Dance Productions and Shuto Crew take you into their bizarre and beautiful world of dance. #DanceStories DanceOn brings you Dance Stories, where we put the creative reins in the hands of our DanceOn Network talent and help them bring their unique vision to life! This video was created by Serdar Bogatekin and LUNATIX Dance Productions and Shuto Crew "The Dance at The Haus" Produced by: by LUNATIX Dance Productions and Shuto Crew Creative Director: Serdar Bogatekin Filmed at: The Haus Berlin Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus
There is nothing ugly about this dance story, featuring music from Jaira Burns and choreography from Timothy Lewis. #DanceStories DanceOn brings you Dance Stories, where we put the creative reins in the hands of our DanceOn Network talent and help them bring their unique vision to life! This video was choreographed by Timothy Lewis featuring “Ugly” by Jaira Burns. The video was directed, filmed, and edited by Melanie D'Andrea. Directed and Edited By: Melanie D'Andrea (@medathink) Music: “Ugly” by Jaira Burns Choreographer: Timothy Lewis Dancers: Timothy Lewis, Asante Parker Set PA: Josh Schwartz Production Manager: Andrew Fernandez Associate Producer: Anand Mahalingam Producer: Melanie D'Andrea Filmed at: Hairroin Salon VP of Production: Cara Goldberg VP of Content and Platform Strategy: Roxanne Teti Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus
Release your inner child and return to the world of pure imagination! What do you miss most about childhood? Let us know in the comments below! Directed & Edited by David Javier. As people grow older, they often sacrifice their imagination in exchange for paychecks or simply lose it to their responsibilities. Wouldn’t it be great to let it all go and get back to the consequence-free world of fun that children live in? With this video, you can do just that. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Dancer - Thaddeus Mixson - @papajayshow Featuring - Ivan “Flipz” Velez - @ivanflipzvelez Music - Matt Simons - @MattSimons
Directed & Edited by YAK FILMS Money Got Me Like…features the dancers from Japan’s Project TARO, showing off their best take on AV Compton’s “Money Dance.” What better way to show your feelings when that extra cash comes in? Join the #MoneyDanceChallenge and let the world see. "Money Got Me Like" features the dancers from the Japanese collective Jr.EXILE, who also choreographed the dance routine. Jr.EXILE arrived in New York City in April 2014, dreaming of becoming the next dance superstars. They are currently enrolled in Project TARO, an artist development program in New York City dedicated to supporting and educating future world-class entertainers. A YAK FILMS Production Dancers: Jr. EXILE Ayumu Imazu Kenya Fujita Masafumi Okamoto Yuto Yoshida Taiki Iwamoto Miku Fukukahori Masahiro Sunada Rikiya Okuda Shoji Katsumata Shin Tokuzawa Music Partnerships: Erica Forster
Using a neon playground as his canvas, Ian Eastwood paints the dance floor with his signature style with MIA’s “Go Off” as his inspiration. Music: Go Off by MIA Directed, Produced, Choreographed & Edited By: Ian Eastwood Director of Photography: Gerald Nonato Dancers: Ian Eastwood, Trevor Takemoto, Connor Gormley, Chase Lihilihi, Anthony Westlake, Hugh Aparente, Cole Nordbrock Executive Producer: Carly Casey Music Partnerships: Erica Forster & Jason Cienkus
This couple’s haunting postmortem blurs the lines between the living and the dead, and relationships everywhere in between. Sinister intentions or innocent entanglement? You decide. Phillip Chbeeb aka “Pacman” and I.aM.mE crew’s Liza Riabinina dance rendition gives us some Halloween chills. "Pham - Movements. ft. Yung Fusion, Postmortem" is an episode of DanceOn’s ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was produced, directed and edited by T. Milly Productions. Director/Editor/Producer: Tim Milgram Concept by: Tim Milgram & Phillip Chbeeb Cinematography by: Tim Milgram & Anthony Kimata Choreography by: Phillip Chbeeb Assistant Choreographer: Liza Riabinina Performed by: Phillip Chbeeb & Liza Riabinina Producer: Nelson Diaz Producer: Jacob Patrick Producer: Carly Casey (DanceOn) Gaffer: Marc Villafan Best Boy: Joel Bezemer PA: EJ Smith Music Partnerships: Erica Forster Special thanks to Payton Manley & Naomi Duben
You’re out with your friends. Your ex-walks in. Your heart skips a beat and then stops. You see her new man. In that moment every mistake, everything left unsaid, every moment of love washes over you. You want to front, but your heart is still broken. You still love her. And that’s the hardest pill to swallow. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Dancer/Choreographer - Vinh Nguyen - @v1nh Dancer - Trevor Takemoto - @trevortakemoto Dancer - Chase Lihilihi - @chaselihilihi Dancer - Carlo Darang - @carlodarang Dancer - Jawn Ha - @jawnha Actress - Gabri Velasquez - @gabriveee Actor - Jed Florano - @jedflorano Music - Lil Dicky - @lildickytweets
Imagine you’re in the backyard of a sleepy suburban house. It’s late and quite frankly you’re bored. What would you do? Well, if you are Les Twins then you’d turn the patio into the coolest place on the block. Some people try to keep up with the Joneses, we’re trying to keep up with The Brothers Bourgeois. Director/Editor - Yak Films - @yakfilms Dancers - Les Twins - @officiallestwins Music -THEY. - @unofficialthey
Immersed in the abstract world of high fashion, dancers Lil Buck and Jessica Keller fuse two very different styles of dance into one stunning display of artistic virtuosity. Lil Buck blurs the line between ballet and hip-hop with his athletic take on Memphis Jooking. While Jessica Keller personifies the perfection of the ballet art form. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Dancer - Lil Buck - @lilbuckdalegend Dancer - Jessica Keller - @jkell30 Music - Belly - @reBELLYus Costume Design - Marco Marco - @marcosquared Costume Design: Ashton Michael - @ashtonmichael

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