Sugar hunger is real. It’s closing time at the neighborhood cupcake shop and three sugar-deprived teen workers all want the last cupcake before the end of their shift. A dance battle ensues to uncover the ultimate cupcake queen. Who will win the right to the final cupcake? Let us know who YOU think won the cupcake war in the comments below! It’s full out war with Kaelynn “KK” Harris, Jade Chynoweth, and Sienna Lalau! "Dessert - Dawin ft. Silento | The Cupcake War" is the third episode of DanceOn’s ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was directed and edited by DanceOn's lead director David Javier. Choreographer - Willdabeast Adams - @WilldaBeast__ Choreographer - Janelle Ginestra - @GinestraJanelle Dancer - Kaelynn "KK" Harris - @kaelynnharris Dancer - Jade Chynoweth - @JadeChynoweth Dancer - Sienna Lalau- @sienna.lalau Music - Dawin - @OfficialDawin Music - Silento - @TheRealSilento
Expressenz Dance Center from Indianapolis, IN "XNZ" Choreographed by The Lab Creative Team: Valerie Ramirez, Sienna Lalau, Andrew Elam, and Carrie Calkins. Music edit by: Tyler Scott Costumes by: The Line Up Rehearsed by: Madison Baker ABOUT EXPRESSENZ: Expressenz is a dance studio located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been seen on World of Dance Season 2 and Americas Got Talent Season 14. Also known as the NZ Dance Company, we consist of over 100 dancers who train, laugh, and grow together.

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