Road trips with Bae are the best-worst idea ever. Get IN the car with this couple as they capture their journey in captivity, Selfie Style! Been on a road trip with Bae? Tell us all about it in the comments below! Directed & Edited by David Moore. Nothing puts a relationship to the test like locking yourself in a car with your significant other for hours on end. Raising the stakes further? Recording the whole thing - Selfie Style! Be the fly on the wall, the bug on the windshield, the french fry in the cupholder for this road trip of love starring David Moore and Sophia Aguiar! Director/Editor: David Moore Music: R.City feat. Chloe Angelides - “Make Up” Dancers: David Moore, Sophia Aguiar
You’re out with your friends. Your ex-walks in. Your heart skips a beat and then stops. You see her new man. In that moment every mistake, everything left unsaid, every moment of love washes over you. You want to front, but your heart is still broken. You still love her. And that’s the hardest pill to swallow. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Dancer/Choreographer - Vinh Nguyen - @v1nh Dancer - Trevor Takemoto - @trevortakemoto Dancer - Chase Lihilihi - @chaselihilihi Dancer - Carlo Darang - @carlodarang Dancer - Jawn Ha - @jawnha Actress - Gabri Velasquez - @gabriveee Actor - Jed Florano - @jedflorano Music - Lil Dicky - @lildickytweets
I choose you. I choose love. A love story is unique to each...a collection of moments shared between two people, which together build a life. Love is the ups and downs and the perfect imperfections, from the butterfly moments, simple gestures, everyday happiness and unforgettable occasions, to the challenges, breakthroughs and ultimately...commitment, family, and creation of home. What is love to you? What is your love story? Acclaimed husband and wife duo, Keone and Mari Madrid’s take on Timeflies “Stuck With Me” tugs at the heartstrings, giving you a glimpse into many of the moments that define a developing Love Story. DanceOn's "Timeflies - Stuck With Me | Love is..." is an episode of ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was directed and edited by David Javier. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Choreographer/Dancer - Keone Madrid - @marrrrriel Choreographer/Dancer - Mari Madrid - @keonemadrid Music - Timeflies - @timeflies
Choreographer Jan Ravnik & Lonni Olson give us a beautiful contemporary routine that explores love and loss to the transcendent sounds of Lewis Capaldi's latest single, Someone You Loved. Directed, Edited & Filmed By: David Javier Co-Edited By: Lea McNamara ( Choreography: Jan Ravnik Dancers: Jan Ravnik and Lonni Olson Music: “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi Gaffer: Ionelle Dianconsescu Produced by: DanceOn
Choreographer Noelle Marsh and director David Javier bring Marsh’s choreography to Julia Michaels’ song “Issues”. Director - David Javier (@directordavidj) Choreographer - Noelle Marsh - (@noellemarsh) Dancers - Sarah Blazic (@batman_b_b), Jasmine Mason (@jasminemason_) Music - “Issues” by Julia Michaels

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