I choose you. I choose love. A love story is unique to each...a collection of moments shared between two people, which together build a life. Love is the ups and downs and the perfect imperfections, from the butterfly moments, simple gestures, everyday happiness and unforgettable occasions, to the challenges, breakthroughs and ultimately...commitment, family, and creation of home. What is love to you? What is your love story? Acclaimed husband and wife duo, Keone and Mari Madrid’s take on Timeflies “Stuck With Me” tugs at the heartstrings, giving you a glimpse into many of the moments that define a developing Love Story. DanceOn's "Timeflies - Stuck With Me | Love is..." is an episode of ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly series that pairs emerging music artists with industry-leading choreographers and dancers. This episode of ARTIST REQUEST was directed and edited by David Javier. Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavier Choreographer/Dancer - Keone Madrid - @marrrrriel Choreographer/Dancer - Mari Madrid - @keonemadrid Music - Timeflies - @timeflies

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