Originally from Italy, Fabio Fiorillo is a Designer and Choreographer based in London, UK. The video Water is the result of a short R&D project that took place in London. From Fabio, “I would like to thank the dancers involved in this for working so hard to make my vision come to life.” VP of Production: Cara Goldberg VP of Content & Platform Strategy: Roxanne Teti Choreographed, produced and directed by: Fabio Fiorillo ( @fabflow ) Dancers: Tia Anderson ( @tiachianderson ), Gioia Antonucci ( @gioiantonucci ), Kristine Berget ( @kibergetchan ), Iona Brie ( @iona_brie ), Irena Cuturic ( @irenacuturic ), Andrea Dvorak ( @andreadvorak ), Kelly Johnson ( @kellyjohnsonn ) Filming by: Aidan Largey, Simba Masaku. Music by: Hucci ( @hucci96 ) Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus
Director Jessica Sanders teams up with Ethan Peck & Aqualillies to bring you this Artist Request set to the Bebe Rexha smash hit, “I Got You”. Director Statement: I’ve always wanted to work with synchronized swimmers and make a dance film. I recently had the opportunity to work with the Aqualillies (www.aqualillies.com), the glamorous synchronized swimmers I had seen them in the film Hail, Caesar!). Working with Aqualillies choreographer May Jeanette, and friend/collaborator Katie Malia, who choreographed actor Ethan Peck’s moves (he is actor Gregory Peck’s grandson), we created a story exploring the many emotional stages of love. Filming at a midcentury Buff & Hensman house, with an all female creative production team (DP: Ava Berkofsky), the film was made as a quick creative exploration, all dances created/designed on the day of the shoot. Choreographer Statement: Katie Malia "My intention was to mirror and transfer the clean, symmetrical lines of synchronized swimming on land, keeping it simple to complement the stunning architecture of the home, which I felt was a character on its own. The dance (which was a collaboration with the Aqualillies choreographer Mary Jeanette Ramsey) then unravels from contained simplicity to repetitive chaotic movements as Ethan’s inner turmoil crescendos, escalating into a fight where we reveal him battling his greatest foe yet: his own self." Director - Jessica Sanders - @jessicafilm Choreographer/Dancers - Aqualillies - @Aqualillies Choreographer - Katie Malia - @kathrynmalia Dancer - Ethan Peck- @ethangpeck Music -Bebe Rexha- @BebeRexha
Director Scott Rettberg teams up with Phillip Chbeeb and Anjula Kelly to bring you this Artist Request set to the Marshmello remix of Noah Cyrus’s “Make me (Cry)" featuring Labrinth. Director - Scott Rettberg - @scottale Choreographer/Dancer - Phillip Chbeeb - @phillipchbeeb Dancer - Anjula Kelly - @AnjulaKelly Music - Noah Cyrus - @noahcyrus

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