Zachary Venegas and Justine Lutz are so close, yet so far away from each other in the latest Dance Story, featuring music from Kara Marni. #DanceStories Choreographer: Zachary Venegas Dancers: Justine Lutz, Zachary Venegas Director: Brazil (@brazilinspires) Editor: Kalyne Lionheart (@kalynelionheart) PA: Kenny Washington Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus
DanceOn brings you Dance Stories, where we put the creative reins in the hands of our DanceOn Network talent and help them bring their unique vision to life! This video was created and choreographed by Zachary Venegas to “Woman” by Harry Styles. Choreographer: Zachary Venegas (@zacharyvenegas) Director: Brazil (@brazilinspires) & Kalyne Lionheart (@kalynelionheart) Editor: Kalyne Lionheart (@kalynelionheart) Music: “Woman” by Harry Styles Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus

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