Acro Yoga Dance | Pip Elysium & Eugene Butcher

by Marypublished on August 27, 2022

Acro Yoga Dance
Dancers: Pip Elysium & Eugene Butcher

AcroYogaDance is a partner yoga practice which evolves into a moving meditation. AYD is an art form, something wonderful not only the partners practicing it but also to those who witness it. AcroYogaDance produce Inspirational Videos and Online Tutorials for your viewing.

In this stunning four-minute AcroYoga demo, filmed in a 19th Century Warehouse. AcroYogaDance Founders Eugene Vegan Butcher and Pip Elysium, reminds us how creating simplicity of movement and the flow of AcroYoga becomes a dance

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Founders of AcroYogaDance

Big Thanks to:
Film & Edit by Bradley Dixon

Music “Gold” Courtesy of House of Hats