American Contemporary Ballet | The Seasons (Excerpt)

by Marypublished on July 15, 2022

American Contemporary Ballet – The Seasons (2015) Excerpts

Music: The Seasons, by Alexander Glazunov

Choreography: Lincoln Jones

Spring – Emily Parker and Andrew Wingert with Lydia Relle and Crystal Serrano
Summer – Colby Parsons and Eva Burton with Rochelle Chang, Kaila Feldpauch, Cleo Magill and Kelly Williams
Autumn – Lauryn Winterhalder with Colby Parsons and Eva Burton, Emily Parker and Andrew Wingert, and Ensemble

Music performed by: Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony, conducted by Ondrej Lenárd

Cinematography and camera: Lincoln Jones

Costumes: Design by Lincoln Jones, constructed by Reina Alvarez

Recording: Naxos © American

Contemporary Ballet 2015. All rights reserved.