Another Day of Sun | Woodbury Dance Center

by Marypublished on May 26, 2022

Woodbury Dance Center Production
Choreography: Katia Bode
Music: Another Day of Sun from La La Land

About Woodbury Dance Center:
Once upon a time in the town of Woodbury, Minnesota USA two sisters who loved to teach dance decided to open a dance studio. They were very lucky when they found a little studio, formerly owned by a dance teacher who was looking to retire. Since it was in Woodbury, they thought Woodbury Dance Center would be a great name for their little business. They were thrilled to teach 300 dancers who came to their little studio each week. They had a tiny waiting room where about 10 parents could fit, it was very little. The first year they put on their first dance recital, with a total of three shows. Soon, the sisters realized that their little studio was too small; they needed a bigger place to teach their dancers. They found a new space and had a very busy summer, doing fun things like painting, installing ceiling tiles, hauling sheet rock, installing dance floors and they realized that being a dance teacher was pretty hard work! Now, they had two rooms with a bigger lobby where they could fit more dancers and their families.

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