Apple – Holliday

by Dharmesh Kukadiyapublished on January 8, 2021

Apple’s holiday ad titled “Sway” uses Sam Smith’s “Palace” to serenade two beautiful dancers as they glide to the smooth beat.

The two pros—Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Grant—are actually husband and wife, who first met while waiting in line at a dance audition in NYC.


The video is set on Tuesday, December 19, and follows a woman who starts dancing and walking down a street as she listen to Sam Smith’s Palace on her AirPods. The performance continues after she bumps into a man walking by and the two start dancing together in the snow while sharing AirPods. The ad cuts back to reality and the tagline “move someone this holiday” appears. As with holiday ads in previous years, Apple picked a beautiful song to accompany the video; the incredible choreography nicely complements the idea of sharing a moment with someone through music.