Ballet Deviare – DISCONSOLATE

by Marypublished on July 2, 2021
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BALLET DEVIARE presents DISCONSOLATE, a nine minute experimental dance film directed by ADAM WALTNER. DISCONSOLATE is a powerful, soul-entrancing depiction which illustrates the depths of human suffering. Set to “Waldlander im Herbst” from the Funeral Doom phenomenon CELESTIIAL (Tanner Anderson), the piece evokes a feeling and mood that is as hypnotic as it is effecting. Prepare yourself for a bold and unforgettable experience. DISCONSOLATE’s staging and patterning were influenced by the ballet La Bayadere, Act II: The Kingdom of the Shades. DISCONSOLATE was BALLET DEVIARE’s recognition of its ballet foundation, while simultaneously redefining its classical roots.