Bellydance Extraordinaire | “I Want to Dance”

by Marypublished on July 15, 2022

Choreography by Jamila & Bellydance Extraordinaire
Music: “I Wanna Dance” by Artem Uzunov

Bellydance Extraordinaire (B.E) is the largest & most popular professional Oriental Dance school in Singapore. They are the organizer of the World Belly Dance Festival.

B.E. actively promotes Oriental Dance to the public as a novel performing art and a wonderful activity that can be learned and enjoyed by all ages. Oriental Dancing cultivates good health, fitness, muscle control and boosts self-confidence. They also believe in drawing out the feminity of the female form through this elegant dance. 

They are always researching and crafting exciting new choreographies for their classes.
Their repertoire include:

  • Traditional authentic Egyptian & Turkish styles
  • Folkloric pieces such as Khaleeji
  • Fusion styles with Chinese veils
  • Tango
  • Korean-Pop or Hawaiian influences
  • and modern Bellydance.

The Founder and School Principal, Jamila, along with her talented Instructors and in-house performing group – the Bellydance Extraordinaire Star Troupe; B.E has received numerous award citations, positive media reviews and exclusive performance invitations from international celebrities and VIPs.

Bellydance Extraordinaire also received many positive reviews on local English and Chinese newspapers, Straits Times and “Lian He Zao Bao”, and other magazines and local media.

Instagram: @bellydance_extraordinaire
Instagram (Jamila): @jamilabellydance