Bianca & Felix – Invitational Draw – ILHC 2022

by Marypublished on August 27, 2022

Featured Dancers: Bianca & Felix

🎶 “Play That Blues!” by Eyal Vilner; Performed by Eyal Vilner Big Band

Marie N’Diaye & Nils Andren (France/Sweden)
Jo Hoffberg & Felipe Braga (United States/Brazil)
Dee Daniels Locke & Anthony Chen (United States)
🥇Bianca Locatelli & Felix Berghall (Italy/Sweden) *1st Place*
Ramona Staffeld & Tyedric Hill (United States)
🥈Laura Glaess & Remy Kouakou Kouame (United States/France) *2nd Place*
Pamela Gaizutyte & Todd Yannacone (Lithuania/United States)
Irina Amzashvili & Joshua Mclean (United States)
🥉LaTasha Barnes & Peter Strom (United States) *3rd Place*

🎥ILHC 2022 Video Team:
Producer/Director: Brett Dahlenburg
Co-Producer/Camera Operator: Rachel Dahlenburg
Lead Camera Operator/Co-Producer: Ansley Sawyer
Camera Operators: Rafał Pustelny & Kevin Nguyen

As first seen at ILHC 2022. The International Lindy Hop Championships takes place, in person, each year in New York City. Visit for more information.