by Marypublished on November 2, 2021

BLUEBIRD – Film Festival

Program Info

December 2021
$1.99 / $50 (festival pass)

Venue: Streaming on

Director: Letxia Cordova

Choreographer: Letxia Cordova

(USA, 2021) 4:20 min

Genre: Short | Experimental

This film is about grief and how it manifests itself in your life in so many ways: how it controls your life without realizing it, how you’ll do anything reckless or mindlessly self-indulgent to feel better, and how sometimes it feels like you’ll never be without grief, even in the dawn of day.

More specifically, it’s the precursor to another film I’m still seeking funding on, one that will more explicitly commemorate the friends I’m grieving. Because I still grieve them, even if it’s been years. I’m still sad – and angry – that I’ll never get to see them again. Time heals all wounds, but only because you forget those wounds are there. When you remember, the pain feels as fresh as if it had just happened.

This film was created in February 2021 for Nachmo’s Dance Film Festival. It premiered on March 6th, 2021.

Director: Letxia Cordova

Choreographer: Letxia Cordova

Choreographers Assistant: Jasmine Alexandria

Producer: Letxia Cordova

Key Cast: Marii Kawabata, Selena Lobatto, Letxia Cordova

Director of Photography: Kassandra Karentini, Erin Erickson, Michael Guerra, Alex Alarcon

Production Assistant: Benjamin Ortiz, Jasmine Alexandria

Music: Beach House