Body Language | Team Stage | SYTYCD

by Marypublished on May 30, 2022

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) Season 12 Team Stage performs Warren Carlyle choreography to “Body Language”

Team Stage Dancers:

  • Gabby Diaz
  • Hailee Payne
  • Jim Nowakowski
  • Derek Piquette
  • Edson Juarez
  • Alexia Meyer
  • Kate Harpootlian
  • Marissa Milele
  • Moises Parra
  • Darion Flores

Season 12 featured a significant shift in format. It was the first season where contestants were not selected based on their gender. Contestants were selected based on whether the competitor considered themselves a “Stage” dancer or a “Street” dancer. Stage styles included ballet, ballroom, contemporary, jazz, Latin and tap. Street styles included freestyle, break dancing, hip-hop, and krump. Previously, the Dancers were selected across all genres and were divided by gender, with ten men and ten women being selected for the Top Twenty. This new format allowed the judges to respond to the strong number of female street dancers. This resulted in the Top Twenty, being eleven female and nine male dancers (info from wikipedia)