Break It Off | Rihanna ft Sean Paul | Beginner Pumpfidence Choreography By Brinn Nicole

by Sam Washingtonpublished on April 26, 2022
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Can’t dance with me in person!?

That’s why I made an incredible online portal so you can train with me in my beginner Pumpfidence and intermediate/ advanced Pumpfidence dance tutorials on demand wherever you are! Tutorials

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PF dancers featured and their IG’s: 1. Brinn Nicole, @_SophieeMillerr, @Selena4422

2. @xoKennedyGrace, @GinaLucarelli, @Alexiss._a

3. @EllenaTakos, @AvaniHamilton, @JahniHaynes

4. @Seyeong_aa_

5. @YasmineAlfakey @MirandaMandii