by Marypublished on May 26, 2022

ED5INTERNATIONAL Graduation Performance 2017 – Cell Block Tango.
Choreography by Leslie Bell, Musical Director Phillip Filo
Music: Cell Block Tango – CHICAGO the musical


For more than 30 years ED5 has excelled in delivering strong training and technical foundations. ED5’s goal is to help young performers succeed in Australia and around the World. Their talents and strengths in developing successful performers for the performing arts industry stem from their strong beliefs and values and the high quality of training and care we provide.

ED5 believe in honesty, integrity, and excellence. They respect each other and above all we have an understanding that each and every performer’s journey is unique.

They are here to celebrate your difference and develop your unique talents into something great.

ED5INTERNATIONAL school was created to further the careers of creative and passionate performers who care for the performing arts, and to help them achieve success through the development of their talent, skill, passion and dedication. 

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