Chloe Temtchine – The Way You Love Me | Megan Pavelka Choreography

by Marypublished on June 15, 2021

Up and coming Artist Chloe Temtchine and Director Marvin V. Acuna give Carl and Ellie from the 2009 film, “UP”, the tribute they deserve.

Original Song: The Way You Love Me

Written and Performed By: Chloe Temtchine

Executive Produced and Directed By: Marvin V Acuna

Choreography By: Megan Pavelka

Director of Photography: Fernando Cordero

Edited By: Marvin V Acuna and Fernando Cordero

Children Dancers: Paige Westbrook, Brady Amaya

Young Adult Dancers: Emily Pavelka, Andrea Dobbins

Adult Dancers: Coél Mahal, Yannus Sufandi  

Older Adult Dancers: Diane Brach, Richard Eberst

Assistant to Choreographer: Emily Pavelka