Continuum – Dance short film and animation

by Marypublished on July 2, 2021

Live action and animation dance. Hi, this was my graduation film in animation cinema at ENSAD, Paris.

Original music by Nodey.

“Continuum” is a choreographic fiction where the thematics of time and space are explored through the symbolic of sand’s matter in animation mixed with live-action. Spectators will be involved in the dance…

“Solos” choreography directed by Natalianne Boucher and Clara Henry from dancers improvisations.

“Magma” choreography by Stéphane Fratti

First assistant: Clara Henry

Dancers: Jeff Ahoua, Laura Belli, Anne Bourrassé, Hugo O. Cote, Isabelle David, Delphine Demont, Renaud Djabali, Stéphane Fratti, Alban Gérôme, Camille Goalo, Emmanuelle Gorda, Clara Henry, Anaïs Hereaux, Raphaël “Snow” John, Smaïl Kanouté, Cerise Lopez, Xuan Le, Julien J. de Muizon, Ryan S. Murray, Marie-Luce Nadal, Rawad Saadi, Sandra Ste Rose, Slam, Céline Roulleau, Chloé Santinacci, Gwenaël Subrenat, Pauline Tremblay, Toku, Thong Vongpraseuth.

Editing, animation and compositing by Natalianne Boucher.

Assistant animation and rendering: Pierre-Yves Marin.

Additional editing: Édouard Maelander (Partizan Productions)

SCOTTO PRODUCTIONS: Jean-Michel Variot, Thierry Carlier, Margot Reynès, Cécilia Kotula.

DELAPOST PARIS PRODUCTION: Cédric Choppin, Federico Costa, Pascal Chinarro, Clément Zveguintzoff.

3d Tracking, keying and additional compositing: Alexis Bechet, Marielle Santens, Cindy Poupelain, Axel Luzayadio, Adam Bachiri, Tony Lacroix, Mariko Kieffer.

3d krakatoa helper: Guillaume Briet.

ENSAD PARIS: 3d technician: Christophe Pornay.

3d set researches: Frederick Thompson.

Teaching team: François Darasse, Serge Verny, François Colou, Georges Sifianos, Pascal Lemaire, Fredéric Mocellin.

Rotoscopy assistants: Pierre-Yves Marin, Nils Lacroix, Anaïs Scheek.

Post-production assistants: Émilie Robin, Magdalena F. Darán, Agnès Patron, Camille Authouart, Pierre-Yves Marin, Sylvain Fillion, Vincent Malgras, Lucas Malbrun, Anaïs Caura, Julia Palmer, Zélie Durand.

Camera: Natalianne Boucher, Pierre-Yves Dougnac.

Studio operator: Pierre-Yves Dougnac. Machinery: Anaïs Caura & Cléo Duplan.

Technical helper : Jean-Christophe Levet.

Photographers: Michaël Boucher, Charlotte Diou, Pilipp Kotlortz.