Dance Floor

by Dharmesh Kukadiyapublished on January 8, 2021

Bacardi’s campaign by BBDO New York, is a music video that’s catching attention by being shot entirely from the waist down. And it’s designed to promote dance. “If it’s a floor, it’s a dance floor,” the ad notes.

Each dancer in the film is linked to his/her own sounds and as they come together, their sounds mix together to form a track by Major Lazer.

“Bacardi is a brand that inspires movement, both physical and emotional, and the purest expression of movement is through dance. We deliberately chose not to show any faces because faces are usually what marketers use to convey emotion. By focusing on the physical and emotional movement evoked from the waist-down, we think viewers will feel even more inspired to move,” explained Laila Mignoni, director of creative excellence, Bacardi. “You watch the spot and feel an instant connection to do what moves you.”


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