by Marypublished on February 10, 2023

DEAR DANCER- Film Festival

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February 2023
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As the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing theaters and dance companies to close down, the American choreographer Deborah Hay decides to let her dancers at the Cullberg dance company in Sweden continue their work and perform her latest piece in front of an empty theater in Stockholm. From her home in Austin, Texas, she writes them a letter proposing an experiment where instructions for movement will be replaced by a set of unanswerable questions. The film follows the dancers on and off the stage and captures their different reactions to the experiment. One dancer enjoys the freedom of choreography without given movements while someone else finds it difficult and is too proud to change. Another dancer feels that the work allows her to return to her childhood and for the first time truly understand why she became a dancer in the first place.

Director: Marcus Lindeen

Writer: Marcus Lindeen

Director of Photography: Ita Zbroniec-Zajt

Choreographer: Deborah Hay

Producer: Jesper Kurlandsky

(Sweden, 2022) 23:00 min

Genre: Documentary, Short

Categories: 2022, DFF