by Marypublished on October 18, 2021

WAKE – Film Festival

Program Info

December 2021
$1.99 / $50 (festival pass)

Venue: Streaming on

Director: Oscar De Leon

Choreographer: David Triptow

(USA, 2021) 5:51 min

Genre: Short | Experimental

Wake creates a back-and-forth conversation between dance and the natural world.

“Wake” is a dance film that serves as both a mourning and a celebration created by Rethink Dance & Chamber 6 Media. This artistic story-telling dance film was designed with the purpose to educate and bring awareness to underlying issues that have become normal in our society. The project captures an extension of the subconscious using movement and nature as the fundamental elements. The audience will experience beautiful duets between the dancers and the Earth and ultimately be inspired to lead initiatives to create positive changes in our world.

WAKE was filmed at Haylee’s family hunting land outside of Ashby as well as parts of Battle Lake, Minnesota.

Director: Oscar De Leon

Writer: David Triptow

Choreographer: David Triptow

Producer: Haylee Thompson

Color Grading: Nick Brewer

Director of Photography: Kevin Ackley

Key Cast: Madeleine Scott, Ellia Dalzell, Ana Claire Rue, Elise Rue, Kennedy Brown