Dua Lipa – Physical

by Dharmesh Kukadiyapublished on January 8, 2021

Rather than an outright celebration, Dua Lipa’s album instead became a balm for many, with the kinds of songs that might light up a living room. And none have that effect more than “Physical.” The track, which shares a chorus lyric and attitude with Olivia Newton-John’s ’80s hit, came together as something of a lark one day in Los Angeles, where Lipa was joined by a team of collaborators including the songwriters Clarence Coffee Jr. and Sarah Hudson. “Physical” was later polished off with assists from the producer Koz, who touched up the track, and the encouragement and expertise of Lipa’s vocal coach and producer Lorna Blackwood, who helped the singer master both her husky low ends and wailing high notes.