Duo Forte | Dance and Acrobatics

by Marypublished on July 12, 2022

Duo Forte combines ballet, modern dance and acrobatic choreography to create stunning routines.

Highly professional and experienced, them slick timing, precise movements and feats of strength, poise and grace is sure to amaze. Highly-skilled acrobats perform mesmerizing acro dance routines that prove what the body is capable of.

Acro dance routines are an impressive display of flawless technique, boundless creativity and great on-stage chemistry.

Combine adagio, lifts, acrobatics and passionate choreographies.

A beautiful acro duo displays stunning showcases of partner work, trust, balance, strength and flexibility. Perfect for setting an elegant tone and creating a big impact at events.


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Camera Operator Jędrzej Zator
Edit & Color Granding Wojciech Antonik