Ebb & Flow Liquid Love | Jo Roy – Dance Concept Video

by Marypublished on June 15, 2021
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DanceOn is proud to announce the premier of Liquid Love, directed by Jo Roy to Ebb & Flow’s single “Liquid Love.” We were crazy about this dance concept video the moment we saw it!

From Ebb & Flow about Liquid Love: This song reflects the melancholy beauty of trying to hold on to someone you can’t have but that you crave intensely. It’s about an elusive love that always keeps you aching for more because you never get enough. When writing the lyrics to ‘Liquid Love’ we chose to go high concept with a water theme to describe the feeling of something that is hard to control and keep for long with phrases like “give me your rain”, “ebbs & flows”, “I am so thirsty,” “drown me in your deep.” When we approached our director, Jo Roy, with the idea of doing a dance video for this song, she came up with the sand visual and in-reverse dancing that we felt was a brilliant way to evoke the intention of the song. We loved the idea and ran with it, and we are so grateful to the creative people involved with making this art video come to life!

Danced by Charles Rodger & Lydia Purves-Ware and choreographed by Alex Palinski, this team of creatives came together to make a truly breathtaking piece. Bravo!

Directed by: Jo Roy

Choreography by: Alek Palinski

Music: Liquid Love by Ebb & Flow

Dancers: Charles Rodger & Lydia Purves-Ware

Cinematographer: Joseph Wesley

Jesus Yanez: Practical Special Effects