‘Emergence’ – Pt. II – by Andrew Winghart

by Marypublished on July 12, 2021
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Choreographed and Produced by Andrew Winghart. Pt 2/5.

In Pt II of ‘Emergence’ a second grouping emerges, though they are much more timid than their predecessors. They continually fall in and out of their structural constraints in moments of individual clarity. The first grouping soon returns however and consumes the second. Twelve dancers now act as the skeleton for a larger and significantly more complex entity. The sense of the individual is lost to the kaleidoscopic ebbing and flowing of the Collective.

Featuring: Wesley Ensminger, Jonathan Fors, Derek Schiesel, Eric Schloesser, Ellie Biddle, Audrey Case, Emily Crouch, Kelly Dankbar, Sammi Farber, Hailey Hoffman, Ali Nagy, Courtney Schwartz

Video Directed by Danny Erb