Eva Lou | “Gloria Regali” | Rhythmix Dance Company

by Marypublished on June 18, 2022

Dancer: Eva Lou
Rhythmix Dance Company
Choreographer: Karrisa Filiault

Rhythmix Dance Company came to life in 2014 and has been helping dancers grow their love for dance ever since. Our priority is always technique, while maintaining our culture of commitment, dedication, and encouragement. RDC provides quality training in a variety of styles while helping to prepare our dancers for the future whether that includes dance or not. That said, we are so proud to say that every RDC alumni has continued dancing in some capacity after graduation. We have had dancers go on to join prestigious dance companies within schools such as Princeton, Duke, and Vanderbilt as well as those who have become dance captains & choreographers and members of D1 dance teams such as Northeastern.