by Marypublished on February 10, 2023

EVER SO SLIGHTLY – Film Festival

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February 2023
$1.99 / $16 (festival pass)

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Ever So Slightly explores the behavioral mechanisms and reflexes we develop against the ceaseless flow of irritants that bombard us in our daily lives. Most of us long for calm and resilience, but how do we get to a zone where noise and aggressivity no longer have a place?

Director: François Blouin

Director of Photography: François Dutil

Choreographer: Victor Quijada

Producer: Télé-Québec, RUBBERBAND

Cast: Amara Barner, Jean Bui, Daniela Jezerinac, Jontae McCrory, Sydney McManus, Jessica Muszynski, Paco Ziel

(Canada, 2021) 21:00 min

Genre: Experimental

Categories: 2022, DFF