EXTREME 24 HOUR Acro & Contortion CHALLENGE *don’t try these dares*

by Marypublished on September 6, 2021
I attempt to shoot extreme photo challenges for 24 hours straight with world record holding acro specialists and a Cirque du Soleil contortionist. If I quit early, my daughter gets to dump anything she wants all over my head 😱 To be next week’s featured subscriber, LIKE & SHARE this video!

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There are other awesome 24 hour challenges from Mr Beast, ZHC, Brent & Alexa Rivera, Txunamy, Norris Nuts and Piper Rockelle, but only this one has INSANE acro, ballet, circus and contortion specialists doing unbelievable stunts, tricks, dares and challenges around NYC!

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Video by Sandy Chase
Filmed by Onur Battal

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Wow, if you’re still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!