Galen Hooks Presents “FREESTYLE ROULETTE: LIVE EVENT” | Semi-Finals “THE FEELS”

by Marypublished on June 24, 2021

Semi-Finals: “THE FEELS” This category was all moody, slow songs that could be danced to in any style. After a Pre-lim round with 70 dancers, we narrowed it to down to the 6 semi-finalists in this video. 1 winner of The Feels was chosen in this Semi-Finals round. That winner went head to head against the winner of The Heels and The Thrills. Dancers in order of appearance: @alyse_rockett @realmelsully *PERFORMANCE VIEWABLE ON @GalenHooks IG @shaadowsefiroth *HIS SECOND PERFORMANCE VIEWABLE ON @GalenHooks IG @thefriidom @claydohboon