Jamilah Bellydance – Advanced Group 2019

by Marypublished on June 30, 2022

Jamilah Bellydance
Music: “Maksum Story” by Artem Uzunov

Jamilah’s solo career has been developing dynamically along her popularity as a great teacher and an effective tutor. In the last few years she has been invited to Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Morocco, Italy, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Cyprus and Crete.

During regular classes, private lessons or workshops Jamilah offers to her students dozens of interesting topics, breathtaking choreography. She puts emphasis not only on technique and precision of the dance. She also emphasizes the beauty of its interpretation – on every level of a dancer’s development. To see more click here»

Jamilah works professionally as an oriental dancer, but she is a graduate of… Chemistry Faculty at Salesian Politechnique in Gliwice, the field of Chemical and Process Engineering. Her educational background not only does not limit her in her artistic and creative work, but it also helps her enormously keep discipline and professional perfection in her work, making her a responsible and business-like partner in business contacts

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