L.A. Bellydance Academy | Belly Dance Performance

by Marypublished on June 30, 2022

The L. A. Bellydance Academy
Artist: Saleh Heby
Choreographer: Stefanya

The L. A. Bellydance Academy is a dance studio that offers dance and music instruction for all ages and all skill levels. They focus on providing students with an environment that creates wellness, self-expression, and fun. They use Middle Eastern music and dance as a core foundation to their curriculum. L.A. Bellydance Academy are providing their community with weekly instruction, workshops, and special events.

Classically referred to as Raqs Sharqi, danse oriental, or Raks Baladi, belly dance is a fusion of Arabic folk styles mixed with other world influences such as Russian ballet and Latin dances. Belly dance developed roots in early Egyptian cinema and the cabarets in 1920’s Egypt.

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