by Marypublished on October 30, 2021

LA QUE ES – Film Festival

Program Info

December 2021
$1.99 / $50 (festival pass)

Venue: Streaming on

Director: Joy Castañeda

(USA, 2021) 3:18 min

Genre: Short | Music Video

A woman is caught between her future and past.

¨La que es¨ is a music video made during the quarantine in the month of May 2020, 6 people were in charge of bringing this project to life in a studio. Venezonix is ​​the group that created the music, an electronic fusion with Afro-Venezuelan drums, accompanied by a great Venezuelan singer, Betasayda Machada, along with the Parranda el Clavo. A woman ¨La que es¨ to the sound of the music that tells her to move her body, appears tied and her mission is to be able to free herself, and thus connect with the most primitive, dance and painting, ancestral manifestations of the human being to express herself . It is a fight between the futuristic and our past.

Director: Joy Castañeda

Writer: Joy Castañeda

Producer: Joy Castañeda

Key Cast: Klay Youngo, Andres Ponce

Director of Photography: Edson Smitter

Camera: Oscar Sánchez

Art Director: Mauricio Gómez

Makeup/Styling: Zaylint Cordoba

Color: Angel Manrique