Luka Wolf & Jenalyn Pacheco World of Dance Finals 2018

by Marypublished on June 15, 2022

Luka Wolf & Jenalyn Pacheco have competed head to head against the very best in the world in multiple genres and styles of dance. As seen on NBC World of Dance Season 1 & 2, World of Dance Philippines Finalist and Upper Divisional Winners. This performance was live at a World of Dance show.

After winning multiple World Titles, Luka & Jenalyn’s unique and death defying approach to dance makes them a sure crowd favourite and headliner to any show, as seen on NBC World of Dance S1 & S2 (USA), World of Dance Philippine (Upper Divisional Winners and perfect 100 score in Finales.)

Luka & Jenalyn have been busy working on international projects. The have performed with Lukas Graham, Warner Bros Music, Universal Music and Disney. Luka & Jenalyn have stolen the show in many international theaters, stadiums, arenas, and TV shows. International TV appearances include Dancing with the Stars (Poland), Das Supertalent (Germany), various TV appearances accross Asia and the Philippines.

Luka & Jenalyn are World Pro Exhibition Vice champions at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival in the UK. (The oldest ballroom dance competition in the world) and Undefeated Amateur World Cabaret Champions. Jenalyn was 3 time World Salsa Champion and Luka accomplished in all Ballroom dance styles