Midland University Dance | “Light of the World”

by Marypublished on June 30, 2022

Midland University Dance Premier Dance Company presents “Light of the World”

Performed by: Ty Hecker, Samantha Hoskinson, Stacie Sides, Cassidy Rohs, Shaffrea Hopson, and Biannah Peji-Palm

Choreography by: Katie Speicher

Filmed at: Fremont Opera House

Music by: Lauren Daigle

The collegiate Premier Dance Company at Midland University’s goal is to create an environment where dancers of all levels and styles can feel welcome. PDCMU want to construct classes that inspire dancers to lead with intensity and develop strong interpersonal skills. They aim to teach students the rigor it takes to be a collegiate dancer. They also want to all present new and innovative choreography.  We not only strive to teach dance technique but also instill a passion and self-motivation for excellence for what we all love to do, which is DANCE.