Paxton Ingram – Barricade | A’Drey Vinogradov Choreography

by Marypublished on June 15, 2021

A Dance Story by Paxton Ingram to “Barricade” by Paxton Ingram. #DanceStories

DanceOn brings you Dance Stories, a series created to showcase the powerful narrative of dance. Check back every week, when a new choreographer brings a beautiful and personal visual dance story to life.  This one is brought to you by the multi-hyphenate A’Drey Vinogradov, the dancing duo of Natalie Schervish and Derek Tabada, and the music of Paxton Ingram.

Director/Creative Director/Choreographer: A’Drey Vinogradov

Co-Director / Videographer / Editor: Will Anderson

Music: Paxton Ingram – Barricade

Dancers: Natalie Schervish, Derek Tabada

Executive Producer: Jennifer Stander

Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus