by Marypublished on October 27, 2021

REGRESSIVE – Film Festival

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December 2021
$1.99 / $50 (festival pass)

Venue: Streaming on

(Spain, 2020) 7:43 min

Genre: Short | Experimental

“May the storms shake you and when calm invades you, the echo will shock in you… And life could with only a shudder break the taboo of death that lives in you, in me, in all of us.” – Clàudia Reig

Regressive is a dance video behind which there is a multidisciplinary artistic team. Four dancers; four identities that blend into a scenic journey, a constant transition in a romantic setting. Four dramaturgies found through a regression create a unique dramaturgy mixed from their past lives. A dance work choreographed by Clàudia Reig at the cinematographic sensitive hands of Lali Rodellas and Borja Morera. “Something on the other side calls us … we want to go through… transmute, and when we will be on the other side, we will howl so that you can also trespass “

Director: Borja Morera, Lali Rodellas, and Clàudia Reig

Writer: Clàudia Reig

Choreographer: Clàudia Reig

Producer: Clàudia Reig

Color Grading: Moonlight Cinema

Director of Photography: Lali Rodellas

Dancers: Paola Prats, Mónica Domínguez, Leila Marie Patzies, Mari Paz Marciano

Makeup: Elena Sanchez

Editor: Borja Morera and Lali Rodellas

Costume Design: Luna Pérez and Inés Serrano

1st AC: Andres Martinez-Vargas

Gaffer: Javier Ens

Focus: Albert Marcos