Siciliano Contemporary Ballet – TECHNETIUM

by Marypublished on July 13, 2022

Sicilano Contemporary Ballet

Technetium is a vision of the futuristic man. What does it mean to live in the future, in space, on a mission to somewhere? The head of the gender binary monster has long been decapitated. But whose head will grow up in its place? A mechanical monster’s or a human’s? The sheer force of existence will push for growth, development, endlessness, but will our relation to the machine allow it? Which secrets lie in the future? Will we be operating machines or operating as machines? Gendered or androgynous? In good company or alone? Anonymous or identifiable? Public or secretive?

Choreography: Salvatore Siciliano
Music: Matresanch

Performance – Siciliano Contemporary Ballet
Lena Kilchitskaya
Christoffer van Woensel
Marie Theres Zechiel

Dramaturgy: Benedict Breen
Costumes: Ruth Best
Light Design: Christian Scharrer
Photo and Video: Underskin

Siciliano Contemporary Ballet directed by Salvatore Siciliano is an up-and-coming international dance company founded in Berlin in 2015.

The ensemble has gained popularity because of its ability to mix ballet lines and aesthetic with raw emotions and sarcasm. The style is powerful and sophisticated, presenting each work as a refined visual metaphor of the human psyche. All the movements are an expression of the body’s architecture, where the intricate lines become a framework for expression which creates a tension, leaving the audience often in discomfort and suspense.

SCB repertoire counts over 20 original works presented at Kraftwerk, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Tanzfestival Bielefeld, Tanzart Gießen, Heidelberg Choreographisches Centrum, MOM cultural center Budapest, Berlin Performing Arts Festival, Göttingen TanzKulturWoche, Delphi Theater and Pfefferberg Theater.

SCB performances and collaborations have been featured in Der Tagesspiegel, Berliner Morgenpost, Nowness, Vogue Italia, Kultblut Magazine, Ask Helmut, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Irish Times, Tanzraum, Berlin Art Link, tip Berlin, Exberliner, THE BRVTALIST and modaCYCLE.