Street Dance Collab to All Night by Parov Stelar 🎡

by Sam Washingtonpublished on March 17, 2022

Time to dance it out πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί Freestyle fun, dance combos & Street dance collab!

πŸŽ₯ Big ups to everyone who put this major street dance collab together πŸ™Œ

It’s all good vibes from here on out 😎 πŸ’₯

Shout out to the awesome dancers who made this happen


Diablo (France, Hip Hop)

Mes (France, Hip Hop)

Nelson (France, Hip Hop)

Tawfiq (Netherlands, Breaking)

Willy (France, Breaking)

Stalamuerte (Switzerland, Hip Hop)

Batalla (Germany, Hip Hop)

Ukay (Germany, Hip Hop)

Franky Dee (Germany, Hip Hop

Majid (Germany, Hip Hop)

Ben Wichert (Germany, Hip Hop)

Candyman (France, Locking)

Simocroc (Switzerland, Breaking)

Frankwa (France, House)

Junior (France, Breaking)

Kalli (Greece, Hip Hop)

Lil Zoo (Austria, Breaking)

Kitoko (France, Hip Hop)

Damani (France, Breaking)

Yugson (France, House)

Mariana (France, Waacking)

Yaman (France, Breaking)

Perla (Switzerland, House)

Kapela (France, House)

πŸ’₯ and shout out to DJ T-Sia (France)

🎡: β€žAll Nightβ€œ performed by Parov Stelar written by Marcus Fuereder, published by Etage Noir publishing. 2012

Etage Noir Recordings

πŸ“Ή: Miniboj & The Legits

BTW – recognize this location? The dancers met for this street dance collab at the Felsenreitschule in Salzburg, Austria! You can also see this famous location in The Sound of Music!

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